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Our digital creative agency brings stability and clarity to your business. Every business will benefit from our consulting company.

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01. Strategic

We offer strategic execution that ensures  achievement of your goals through our operational monitoring, support systems and flexible adaptation

02. Professional

Our digital creative agency professionals help you build strength and flexibility into your business operations to compete in your market.

03. Loyal

What makes LUNADORO digital creative agency unique is our integration of strategy, technology, talent, and loyalty to all our clients.

Altynay Kalymbayeva

LUNADORO is an digital creative agency founded by Altynay. She is a professional business growth consultant with a wide range of skills. Altynay offers  Digital Marketing Solution to boost business sales and increase profits.  She is also passionate about website and graphic design.

This agency becomes a full-fledged business though Altynay passion in helping people to manage and develop their business. With 4 years of experience in website design, she treasures simplicity and minimalism.

Altynay is often highly regarded by her clients for her impeccable attention to details, close collaboration with them during all stages of work and for having a clear picture on how the final product should look like in line with client’s aspirations.

One of the distinctive features of Altynay is helping clients with complex business problems to grow their business by providing comprehensive business solutions. 

More importantly, Altynay can combine her own perspective with the viewpoint of her customers to offer the best digital strategies that will enhance the value of your business. Based on her professional background, she can explain things that are complicated in a simple way that would be understandable by her customers. This would lead to achieving the best results.


What We Do Best

UX/UI Design

 Clean, simple and intuitive website User Interface (UI), which is key to delivering a great User Experience (UX). 

Web Development

We use WordPress as a content management system and the backbone for my websites

Responsive Design

Modern websites should be easy and quick to access on any device that the user may view it on. 


We know how makes your website  SEO friendly and make you appear on the first rows of search 


We will ensure you get awareness for your products or services bu settling tailor-made campaigns. 


We offer email marketing service to nurture leads, engage subscribers, send responsive emails and track results.

Graphic Design

Clear and outstanding graphics for your website and marketing campaigns can help to improve awareness of your brand


Personalize the image of your business with a recognizable  logo and  a unique color palette

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