Website designs that will open to you new business opportunities, extend your presence and connect with your target audience wherever they are.

“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.”

-Leonardo da Vinci

Altynay Kalymbayeva is the creator of LUNADORO, who found her passion in website design. And what initially started as a passion grew up into a full time career. In website design, Altynay treasures simplicity and minimalism. Coming from a finance background, she intuitively knows how to break down complexity into a simple design solution.

Altynay is often highly regarded by her clients for her impeccable attention to details, close collaboration with them during all stages of website development and for having a clear picture on how the final product should look like in line with client’s aspirations.

Altynay is fond of traveling where she often finds inspiration for her website designs. She has created websites for clients from different countries and cultures and that is something she enjoys a lot: to melt her unique style and creativity into clients projects that are often related to a certain country or culture.

Being a strong advocate of a healthy and holistic lifestyle, Altynay’s expertise and knowledge on the subject will be a valuable contribution to website designs related to health and wellness.

Altynay is fluent in Russian, English and Italian and can work and deliver website design projects in all 3 languages.